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Sakari Piippo
Fotograf: Sakari Piippo

As a member of the Red Cross, you will touch many people’s lives. Your membership will make it possible for us to continue our voluntary and aid work, first aid courses, friend visitor service and many other good projects. Thanks to your membership subscription, we will be able to provide assistance quickly and efficiently in crises.

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Being a member of the Red Cross says a lot about you. You are not afraid to support good causes, you believe in the power of compassion, good deeds and being involved.

The membership fee is 20 euros except for under 29 -years old it's only 10 euros. Membership is valid for recurring year at time unless you choose permanent membership. Permanent membership fee is valid forever and costs 300 euros as single payment.

If you would like to become a member, please send us message through our Facebook pages (inbox) if you use Facebook. If you don't use Facebook, please contact Quynh Ly.

Contact details:

Eva Kuhlefelt

Valtakunnallinen Paperittomat-ohjelma/Helsingin ja Uudenmaan piiri

Suomen Punainen Risti/Finlands Röda Kors/Finnish Red Cross

Helsingin ja Uudenmaan piiri/Helsingfors och Nylands distrikt/Helsinki and Uusimaa District

Salomonkatu 17 B, 5 krs., 00100 Helsinki/Salomonsgatan 17 B, 5 vån., 00100 Helsingfors

Puh./Tfn./Telephone 040 6486785