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Beni Köhler
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HIV and sexual health work volunteers share information about health-related issues at schools and festivals, for instance. In addition, they work for the Red Cross health care chat. If you are interested in health and willing to help others, we warmly welcome you to an HIV and sexual health work volunteer course.

1. Volunteering at school and festival visits
An HIV and sexual health work volunteer can distribute information at schools and festivals. The Red Cross volunteers visit various events and schools, and share information on sexual health. At summer festivals, the volunteers distribute “Summer Rubber” condoms and discuss safe sex with festival goers.

2. Volunteering at a Pluspoint
The Red Cross maintains four HIV and sexual health work support points, or Pluspoints, in Finland. At Pluspoints one can get HIV tested without appointment and discuss issues related to safe sex and infections. In addition, Pluspoints appoint personal support persons to those who want one.

The Pluspoint personnel consist of volunteers trained by the Red Cross. Unlike other HIV and sexual health work volunteers, they are required to have some health care training in order to be able to take blood samples.

How can I join in HIV and sexual health work?
Send us a message through our Facebook pages (inbox) if you use Facebook. If you don't use Facebook, please contact Quynh Ly.

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